pixeled IDentity



The relationship between people and technology as an extension of them, has been taken for granted in a record period of time. The called millennials have embraced social networks with hardly being able to digest them. Digital natives who have developed their personalities in the two worlds in parallel are also shown in this way.

People, to a greater or lesser extent, create a virtual "Me" perception to show it to the social mass and recreate their own conception.


This is not me
Facial recognition filter available for Instagram and Facebook, 2020



No title,
3D modeled masks, 2020.

No title, 
Photography, 2017.

The purpose of this pieces explores the ways in which we see ourselves represented in virtual reality. How, through artificial intelligence, we configure our alter ego or avatar, and what this double identity means for our individuality.


No title, 
Photography, 2017.

Yo, data
animated short film, 2019.