Blanca Tejerina is a multidisciplinary artist formed between Cantabria and Madrid. In her works, through various formats such as painting, sculpture, photography or video, she investigates contemporary relationships between nature, human and nonhuman beings and virtual identity. In her latest project she explores emotional intelligence in nonhuman beings through plastic artistic activity based on the emotional value of abstract materiality.


In 2021 she achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors at URJC University in Madrid. Formerly, in 2017,  she graduated as a professional pianist at the Ataulfo Argenta academy, and as a Technician in Plastic Arts and Design in Photography in Foto AC academy in Cantabria.


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Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at URJC University,
Madrid, Spain.

Professional Pianist at Ataulfo Argenta Music Academy, 
Cantabria, Spain.

Technician in Plastic Arts and Design in Photography at Foto AC (HNC)
Cantabria, Spain.





“Encerrarte” Buero Vallejo Cultural Center,
Madrid, Spain

“Ilíada” National Photography Center,
Torrelavega, Spain

“Ilíada” Doctor Madrazo Cultural Center,
Santander, Spain.



Spain, based in Madrid

Phone: +34 671723588



Freedom limits of expression at El cuerpo como medida  at URJC University, Madrid.

Iliada photography projet at ESAC,